Darrell Boyko


Darrell has built up greenfield territories into profitable geographical territories representing diverse manufacturing sectors throughout North America and the Caribbean during various economic conditions.

He launched Boyko Innovations; a boutique sales practice that specifically serves the new territory development needs of small to mid-size manufacturing companies. Since 2014 he has brought to his client's doorsteps more than 26 million dollars in revenue from new customers in new territories. He has paired up his clients, for long term agreements, with several of North America’s largest leading companies in their respective fields including:

  • The #1 and #15 largest Construction Equipment Manufacturer’s in the world,
  • 2 top North American industry leading distribution service companies
  • An exclusive Long Term Manufacturing Agreement (LTA) with a leading agriculture technology company.

His clients have received as much as 1600% Return on their Investment in his services with results produced in as little as 120 days. Further to those results is the annuity of net profits to be accrued year over year from the strategic partnerships and long-term agreements secured.

Darrell’s tenacious approach to the art and science of selling is the catalyst for profitable and high-volume client acquisition and territory development.

Darrell lives in the heart of North America, Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his beautiful wife, Kady and two boys, Isaiah and Levi.