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Do you or your team struggle with sales?

  • Are the exact activities to acquire new customers unclear?
  • Have you lost deals that you thought you won?
  • Do you feel uncertain about how to 'pitch' to the C-suite?
  • Is the 'formula' to uncover REAL financial impact a mystery?
  • Do you struggle with being persistent vs. annoying?
  • Is performing under your potential frustrating?

Dominate Selling Works for B2B Companies

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    Tech Companies

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    Service Based Companies

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If you require new customers to grow, you need Dominate Selling

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"I had invited Darrell to join my team at our recent Commercial Business conference - to speak to an audience of junior and senior Commercial banking lenders. He came in and gave an amazing, energy filled insightful presentation to my team. He truly showed he’s a master in the domain of sales training. I would not hesitate to engage Darrell to facilitate future discussions and seminars with my team."
Shreeraj Patel, B. Comm. (Hons) MBA
Vice President – Commercial Financial Services
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
“Darrell brings with him a strong track record of sales and sales training success. I have been working with him for about a year now. He has his sales approach dialed in as well I have ever seen and yet he continually brings fresh ideas to the table to suit our needs. Darrell is extremely personable, easy to deal with, inquisitive and always engaged. He’s been a great asset to our team and he’s sure to bring value to any company he brings his services to.”
Daniel Santos
CEO Evotrux Inc
"Darrell is more than an expert in selling. He is a salesologist. The depth and breadth of his insight on the critical principles, subtle dynamics, and practical fundamentals of successful selling are impressive alone - but his ability to communicate that database to anyone from the executive suite to the rep in the field reveals that he speaks from deep experience and rare dedication to practicing perfection."
Steve Dailey
Founder AchievementBridge, Inc.
"Darrell has transformed my paradigm of an effective and efficient sales process through his training and mentorship on “going to the C suite”. This mentality and system has provided a measurable ROI to my business and has influenced how I see, do and teach sales the rest of my life."
Jordan Hammond
Owner and CEO H&C Air Conditioning Inc.

What Makes Dominate Selling So Different?

The DominateSelling System™ transforms the performance and predictability of your sales results. Uncertainty and unpreparedness that leave you in a state of 'waiting for the sale' is replaced with proactive and assertive steps that increase your performance and lead you to predictable, repeatable and duplicatable sales results.